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    The Defense Consulting Services, LLC is now accepting ALL Active Serving (926B) and retired/seperated (926C) applications beginning 1 Nov 2014. For those 926C applicants who are applying under Medical Separation exceptions, you may still experience some delays in the processing of your application as the AFSFC continues to work with AF Surgeon General on solutions for those of you who are unable to find or garner access to an approved DoD medical provider. If you have received the required medical approval letter, continue to process your application as normal. The web application link will be located on this page or you can go to www.leosaonline.com. Any questions about LEOSA applications should be directed to the Defense Consulting Services, LLC Facebook page.
    LEOSA Online!
    Accepting ALL Active Serving (926B) SF and DAF applicants AND Retired/Separated (926C) affective 1 Nov 2014.
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